Is jouw internet up-to-date

Are your internet connection, website and e-mail using modern internet standards?
Test it and make sure you are up to date.

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New version ‘HSTS’ and ‘enforced HTTPS’ do count

Today (June 27, 2016) the Dutch Internet Standard Platform launches a new version of the website From now on, ‘HSTS’ and ‘enforced HTTPS’ are part of the score of the website test. This was already announced at the previous release. In addition to this change, the new version of includes several improvements that make testing faster and more stable.

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New version with extended HTTPS test

As of today a new version of is available. This new release contains improvements and extensions, especially for the HTTPS/TLS part of the website test.

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During the Dutch Cyber Week 2015 the website was launched by the Internet Standards Platform, a collaboration among organisations from the Internet community and the Dutch government. On this website, visitors can check whether their Internet is up to date. Are your internet connection, e-mail and website actually using modern, secure internet standards? And if not, what can you do about it?

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Olaf Kolkman blogs: Internet is all about collaboration

The Internet, as a global system, is a network-of-networks held together by a spirit of collaboration. When information traverses the Internet it may pass through a handful of networks, and the network from which the traffic originated probably has no formal relationship with the network that receives it. The reason why that works is collaboration.

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